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Lake Central High School (3833)

8400 Wicker Ave
Saint John, IN 46373-9712
Phone: (219) 365-8551 Fax: (219) 365-7156
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Principal: Mr Sean Begley
Grade Levels 09 - 12
Accreditation Status: State Accredited

Lake County
Lake Central School Corporation (4615)

Report Card

2015-2016 Report Card
Letter Grade
Lake Central High School
Lake Central High School received a B as its final letter grade for school accountability.

Overall Summary
PointsWeightWeighted Points
Performance Domain Grades 3-80.000.0000.00
Performance Domain Grade 1057.400.25014.35
Growth Domain Grade 4-80.000.0000.00
Multiple Measures Domain Grade 12100.300.75075.23
Overall points89.6
Overall gradeB

Performance Domain
40.4% of students passed the assessment.
This rate is above the state average.
98.3% of students participated in the assessment.
English/Language Arts
74.4% of students passed the assessment.
This rate is above the state average.
98.9% of students participated in the assessment.
Growth Domain
A school's letter grade may increase, decrease, or remain the same based on student improvement.
Not Applicable
English/Language Arts
Not Applicable
Multiple Measures Domain
Graduation Rate
95.3% of students graduated within 4 years.
100 points awarded for 4 year graduation rate
95.6% of the students graduated within 5 years
0.60 points awarded is awarded for 5 year graduation rate
College & Career Readiness (CCR)
61.2% of students achieved CCR.
100.00 points awarded for CCR.

Student Performance
Percent Passing
English/Language Arts
Percent Passing

Graduation Rate
College & Career Readiness
% of On-Time Graduates
% of AP, IB, Dual Credit, or Industry Certification student success