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East Noble High School (6458)

901 Garden St
Kendallville, IN 46755-2257
Phone: (260) 347-2032 Fax: (260) 347-2362
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Principal: Mrs Kathryn Longenbaugh
Grade Levels 09 - 12
Accreditation Status: State Accreditation

Noble County
East Noble School Corporation (6060)


No ISTEP+ data is available for East Noble High School.

Due to federal privacy laws, student performance data may not be displayed for any group of fewer than 10 students.

ISTEP+ for 2009-10 and beyond only assesses students in grades 3-8.

In 2014-15 Indiana transitioned to new, more rigorous college-and-career ready standards and a new statewide assessment to measure these standards. Therefore, results are not comparable to previous data.