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Navarre Middle School (7597)

4702 W Ford St
South Bend, IN 46619-2405
Phone: (574) 393-4600 Fax: (574) 283-7351
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Principal: Angela Buysse
Grade Levels 06 - 08
Accreditation Status: State Accreditation

St Joseph County
South Bend Community School Corp (7205)

College & Career Readiness

No College or Career Readiness data is available for Navarre Middle School.

Data available for public schools only.

Graduating class data is based on four year cohort.

Graduating class AP taking and passage rates are based on whether a graduate took/passed at least one AP exam during high school.

Yearly passage rates for AP exams reflect ALL AP exams that were taken during the school year. It is possible that a student may have taken multiple exams.

Due to federal privacy laws, student performance data may not be displayed for any group of fewer than 10 students.