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H L Harshman Middle School (5601)

1501 E 10th St
Indianapolis, IN 46201-1909
Phone: (317) 226-4101 Fax: (317) 226-3444
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Principal: Mr James Larkin
Grade Levels 07 - 08
Accreditation Status: State Accreditation

Marion County
Indianapolis Public Schools (5385)

College & Career Readiness

No College or Career Readiness data is available for H L Harshman Middle School.

Data available for public schools only.

Graduating class data is based on four year cohort.

Graduating class AP taking and passage rates are based on whether a graduate took/passed at least one AP exam during high school.

Yearly passage rates for AP exams reflect ALL AP exams that were taken during the school year. It is possible that a student may have taken multiple exams.

Due to federal privacy laws, student performance data may not be displayed for any group of fewer than 10 students.